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1958 V.A.Y. Special

VAY SpecialBuilt around a bespoke spaceframe, the V.A.Y. Special combines Moris Minor suspension and rear end, with a BMC A-series engine and a simple aluminum body to create a quick and nimble sports racer. It was originally built by Vic A. Yachuck. It is currently owned by Steve Kupferman of Northern California and raced throughout the West Coast.

What is "Canada Class"?

In the summer of 1955, a pair of Canadian racers by the names of Ian Sword and Peter Dillnutt laid the groundwork for a new category of racing that they would eventually call "Canada Class."

The initial rules were for a single-seater racing car of which the motor and major components were to be sourced from either domestic or imported cars or trucks that retailed for no more than CDN$2,000. Engines could be up to 750-cc in overhead cam configuration, up to 850-cc in overhead valve configuration, or up to 1200-cc in side-valve or flathead configuration. Fuel choice was left open, as well as gearhouses, suspension, brakes, rear axles, and wheels.

Source: Vintage Racecar Journal

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